Welcome to my blog!

 Hi, my lovelies! I welcome all of you to my blog. Simran here.

First of all, I would like to thank all the amazing bloggers out there who have been a great inspiration for me to start up a blog myself! This is my first blogging site and the first ever post up to public so I request you all to kindly bear with my amateurishness . I’m hoping to get better in time, to become a professional blogger very soon, of course with love and support from everyone of you out there. Been wanting to do this for quiet some time and here I am finally 😀

My blog would mainly focus on fashion. About different make up products, clothing line, hair styles etc. Grooming in wider aspects. And a few other topics related to travelling, music maybe? Sometimes… here and there!

Not everyone out there can afford chanel and bobbi brown at all times right? You can still look classy with just a bit of modification and knowing how to carry yourself well with whatever little you own. I am here going to do my bit to help in not spending a bomb and still getting the best results also with a lot of home made/ self makeable ideas!

Let’s help in bringing out the fashionsta in each one of you!

Feel beautiful from inside out.