Hair’s the scoop!

Hi guys, Welcome back to Beauty and a Beat 🙂

Let’s be honest and face it. I’m lazy, you’re lazy, we’re all lazy people ESPECIALLY when it comes to doing your hair every day! And although we still wish we had the best hair days every day!

So, here’s me trying to jot down a few ideas which would help you cut down on time you spend for your hair!

  • How many of you think that the only way to get your hair curled up is to use hot tongs and there’s no other way out for the beautiful curls?  Try this out, in that case. Tie a headband around your head. roll up all the bangs and the corner hair into the headband. make a messy bun out of the rest of your hair. sleep on it and remove the band and the bun. there you go with the curls! 🙂 this way you’d be styling your hair, by not harming your hair.
  • Do you realise that your hair doesn’t smell so good but you don’t have the time to wash your hair because you’re running late? Take your hair brush – spritz your perfume onto the brush and brush it gently back and forth! You’re good to go for the day!
  • Is your hair very thin and non-voluminous? And you can’t afford the pricey dry shampoos?  You can use corn starch or cocoa powder overnight and tie up your hair in a bun over night. this would help roots of your hair to sack up the oils and create more volume at the roots. Hydrogen peroxide naturally thickens your hair and gives volume.
  • Extra virgin olive oil or EVOO  helps retain hair moisture. It also stimulates hair growth. Most useful for people with dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair. For instance, for people who’s hair is bushy and gets very frizzy after a hair wash, this would be of use. Not only that, it also prevents your hair from dirt sticking onto your top layer.
    Every one of us should invest in EVOO.
  • Acid rinse for your hair twice a month is very effective since it removes all the dust, dirt, oil from your hair and shampooing thereafter would keep your hair clean. – Either apple cider vinegar or lemon juice can be used diluting it with water. 2:1

The benefit of using lemon juice over apple cider vinegar would be  that lemon juice lightens the shade of your hair over a period of time! So try it on 45 before washing your hair with shampoo from the root to tip of your hair.

  • Last but not the least, oil happens to be the best moisturizer for our hair! Make sure to oil your hair once in every two weeks at least for shiny, silky hair.


I’m not going to mention here all the basics of hair maintenance like don’t wash your hair too often since it leaves your hair to get oily and greasy sooner etc or shampoo the roots of your hair and use conditioner for the tips since it reduces breakage. Cuz you’d all have already seen this everywhere!

I hope this post was beneficial y’all! Do try out all the tips and drop in your valuable comments AND I’m here if there was any other hurdle you guys were facing regarding your hair. Happy to help! 

More posts coming your way! Spread the word 😀

Much love ❤








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